CHALLENGE U is a renowned, highly-respected and sought-after transformational catalyst for people and teams.

For nearly two decades, we have used innovative, highly-transferable formats to help people live lives of effectiveness, possibility and purpose.

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CHALLENGE U is considered a leader in the field of personal and professional breakthrough training for businesses and individuals. When you participate in a CHALLENGE U experiential education program, your ROI will be far above what you expect.

  • Our experiences lead people to recognize that they are capable of achieving anything they choose.
  • Businesses engage CHALLENGE U as a partner when they want to create highly proactive and self-managed teams that are inspired to work together to achieve extraordinary results.
  • With CHALLENGE U as facilitator, individuals achieve clarity about who they are, what they want, and the possibilities that exist for themselves and their lives.


What matters most at CHALLENGE U?

Simply put, we embrace choice, and we empower choice in others. We do not assume to define success for others.  Instead, we seek to help people and teams achieve clarity of movement toward whatever their unique purpose is.

CHALLENGE U enjoys an impeccable reputation for quality of program, integrity of staff and safety during programs. We are known for walking our talk in relationship to modeling what we teach.

Our tools and practices are considered world-class in their effectiveness despite being unusual or even radically different.  CHALLENGE U’s clients include a broad array of organizations and companies as well as private individuals and public figures.  Our team is comprised of experts in the modalities we employ.

We help individuals and teams achieve clarity about who they are, what they want, and the possibilities that exist in their lives. Our experiences lead people to recognize that they are capable of achieving anything they choose.
At CHALLENGE U we believe that our greatest resource today is the human resource. We believe the source of our effectiveness and happiness, personally and professionally, comes through relationship. We define relationship as the communication, cooperation, trust, emotional agility, commitment, and responsibility we bring to ourselves and others on a day to day basis.

It is our observation that with the worlds’ current focus on information and technology, people have moved away from the human relationship components so critical to success and fulfillment.

The CHALLENGE U culture is a shining example of our work in practice. We value balance, responsibility, communication and a belief that if “you can do this, you can do anything.” We view our work as an expression of our life purpose and contribute our knowledge through our commitment to our clients.

A deeper look at CHALLENGE U…

We’ve transformed hundreds. Let us share what some have to say.

I am seeing marked improvement in team communication, goal identification and an increased willingness to participate in a group change process. Thank you again for your willingness to work with our Agency, and your flexibility in scheduling. Your extraordinary skill at facilitating a dynamic team building experience for over 60 members of our staff has enabled our agency to continue to adjudicate Medicare appeals under our statutory time-frame, and exceed our goals and Agency expectations. I look forward to discussing how to design additional training curriculum that can help our Agency continue to innovate and identify additional efficiencies.
Andreas Frank, OMHA
My goal for the event was to push people out of their comfort zone, but with the support of their team members. Your program certainly achieved this and exceeded my overall expectations. Your professional manner, attention to safety and low-key role contributed to an enhanced team-building outcome. The feedback from attendees was that this was the best bonding event we had gone through together as a team.
Andrew Gale, Manager, Electronics Engineering, Hamilton Sundstrand Aerospace

Today's Challenges To Tomorrow's Success

What is self leadership? Or leadership of self? Are they the same? How does one develop as a leader?
How does one lead oneself?